I have known Joe de Sa for the past three years during which time he has been on contract with me for four different projects. I can attest to the fact his workmanship is of the highest quality, that his prices are very fair and that his deliveries are always on time.
As a member of ARIDO, and I can assure you that I would not hesitate to initiate another contract with Joe. Indeed, my clients have been almost as ecstatic about the quality of his workmanship as they have been about the very special concern and care that he brings to the worksite.

Deidre Wood
Deidre Wood Interiors
It is with pleasure that I highly recommend the work of Joe de Sa of Times Kitchen & Bath. Joe has just completed an outstanding kitchen and 3 beautiful bathroom vanities for our newly renovated home. Joe’s attention to detail and commitment to producing excellent work was evident at every stage of the project.
The Design Phase
Joe took the time to challenge my ideas and the architects design which resulted in a much better layout for our kitchen. Joe was also a good listener and was willing to change his own views – a very valuable characteristic in this kind of a project!
The Building Phase
Joe took extra care to get exact measurements of the site which meant a number of site visits as some details such as the beam location changed. Joe met the challenge of working with the” old” parts of the house where walls and ceilings were not straight.
The Detail Phase
Joe demonstrated his eye for colour and design as well as tremendous patience in getting the cabinet finishes and moldings right. Joe was able to offer a number of styles of finishes and took great care with them. Joe used only high quality materials and hardware.
The Installation
A critical phase in any project – Joe’s experience, professionalism, and careful work meant that everything went very smoothly. The cabinets fit perfectly and looked beautiful.

Monica Martin
At Segreti Design we do not compromise on detail. This is why I have chosen to use Times Kitchen and Bath on an ongoing basis for all of our custom millwork that includes: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry rooms, entertainment centers, custom closets and more. The workmanship is top notch and Joe De Sa (Owner and president of Times Kitchen and Bath) is personally involved in each project insuring that the client’s ultimate needs and desires are attained.
Joe will make up as many stain samples as required to achieve the ultimate custom colour, as well as site visit numerous times to ensure the accuracy of the design and installation. In my experience hiring Times Kitchen and Bath has made the projects we have worked on a great success.
Thank you Joe for your attention to detail and professionalism. Much appreciated.

Heather Segreti
Segreti Design Inc.
I have known Jose De Sa the proprietor of Times Kitchen & Bath for the last twelve years. Mr. De Sa has designed several custom cabinets for me over the years. I last retained his services a year ago when he undertook a $30,000 project for my new residence. I found Mr. De Sa to be a very skilled, knowledgeable, and honest individual.
Jose De Sa was very informative and helpful with respect to the care and maintenance of the woodwork. He advised my wife as to which products would be best to clean, and maintain our cabinets. Also, he advised my wife on numerous occasions as to which products not to use. We have carried through on his cleaning instructions and our cabinets look brand new.
I have no reservations in referring Times Kitchen & Bath or Jose De Sa and would be delighted to answer any further questions you may have.

Adolfo Vidal
We have now had the opportunity to enjoy our new kitchen and we would like to pass on our appreciation of the finished product which has exceeded our expectations!Your help in the design of the floor plan, the many trips to the site and your final attention to detail produced a kitchen envied by our friends and neighbours!

Maureen & Geoffrey Hunter
We wanted to once again thank you for the work you did on our kitchen! As you are aware, we had had significant challenges with the original kitchen contractor who ended up leaving us with an incomplete kitchen where no countertops could be installed not to mention the 16 drawer handles that were missing. You will be pleased to hear that we finally have resolved the legal issues in our favor after more than a year of frustrating discussions and legal proceedings.
When we met you we had little trust in the trades, and were very anxious about contracting someone new to start the process again.
Needless to say, the extremely high level of customer service that you provided from the initial consultation through to completion of all the details gave us a peace of mind that was sorely needed.
Your ongoing communications throughout the process ensured that changes and details were attended to in a very timely manner. Your willingness to make last minute design changes such as changing the ceiling crown molding over the stove cupboard from white to a custom stained wood to match the cupboards, and the custom filler you made for under the stove went above and beyond what we expected.
Finally, your attention to detail, and your perpetual upbeat attitude made the entire project a joy instead of a chore. Nearly a year after the installation, we continue to have no need for adjustments or corrections to the original work.
Joe, our kitchen has become the heart of the home, and we thank you for helping us create a place we will love for years to come.

Deborah & Robert Brander
In May, 2000, I contracted with Jose de Sa, of Times Kitchen& Bath, to build and install kitchen cabinets in my home. The cabinets were completed in six weeks, the time frame agreed upon by us. They were well constructed and met the specifications as laid out in our contract. The cabinets were installed when the space was ready in the kitchen. The installation was done over two days. It was done efficiently and skillfully.
Mr. De Sa added many features to the cabinets which were above the specifications laid out in the contract. Every attention was paid to detail. When modifications, which became evident after the cabinets were installed, were needed, he readily agreed to make those modifications at no cost to us, even though we requested that he do so for aesthetic reasons, not because they did not meet specifications.
My husband and I were very pleased with the work that Mr. De Sa did. We would give him a good reference at any time it is required.

Fran Rayos
I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did on my kitchen renovation. I started out with some ideas about what wasn’t working for me in my old kitchen but had no idea how to go about creating the space that I wanted without taking the whole house apart and putting it back together again. My solution would have been unwieldy and horrendously expensive. You listened to my vague ideas and had the vision to come up with a brilliant plan that was workable. The result is a kitchen that exceeded my wildest dreams.
In coming up with a plan you had the ability to visualize the space and to know what would work. You brought some great ideas to the project and created a kitchen that is not only beautiful, but that works magnificently. It has become the focus of the house. The place that people are drawn to; and I find now, that I enjoy all the time that I spend there. Once we had a plan that we all agreed on, I found you to be reliable and dependable in the execution. You worked hard to construct everything on time and kept coming back until all the details were right.
When we ran into unexpected complications, you had the flexibility to work with the team to make adjustments in such a way that one would never know there had been any deviation from the original plan.
And did I mention the quality of the work? The cabinets are beautifully finished and strong. Joe. you are a consummate craftsman who takes pride in his work. You do not cut corners. From large concept to the tiniest of details you never compromise on quality. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you.
Mr. De Sa added many features to the cabinets which were above the specifications laid out in the contract. Every attention was paid to detail. When modifications, which became evident after the cabinets were installed, were needed, he readily agreed to make those modifications at no cost to us, even though we requested that he do so for aesthetic reasons, not because they did not meet specifications.

David and Elaine McKee
We consider ourselves lucky to hove chosen Jose de So/ Times Kitchen & Bath to help us with the kitchen renovation in our hundred year old home.
We knew before starting the renovation that we would face many obstacles. Other companies we interviewed focused on these obstacles and seemed more concerned with telling us what we couldn’t do as opposed to discussing what we wanted to do. Not Jose. He found creative solutions to every challenge. We think he even welcomed problems so that he could find answers!
The quality of work provided by Jose and his team was beyond compare. In addition, the work was carried out in a timely, professional and cheerful manner. Another bonus for us and a quality we feel that makes Jose unique is the fact that he always returns calls promptly. Sundays, 7:00 am ..• no problem.
We would not hesitate to recommend Jose and his company for any kitchen or bath renovation. Jose will be the first person we coli when we start planning another reno.

Mel & Deborah Krupa
High Park Toronto
Thank you so much for the wonderful kitchen. You treated a small contract with such great attention. It meant the world to us.

Susan Mcintosh